Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Entry #1 - November 30th 2009

It's been awhile since I have slept a full 8 hours......Hell it's been awhile since I slept at all. I spend most of my time on my laptop and indoors, It wasn't always like this....I had a wife and two kids and a dog you know the perfect family, Until he showed up.....it's hard to explain but I will try my best to get you or whoever reads these entries what I've seen and cannot "unseen".

This all started a few years back when I was on my yearly hunting trip, I had been out in the woods for over a week now since my home was over an hour away I was staying  the nights at the camp me and my buddies build a few years earlier. I had just came down from my tree stand at dusk and begun my track back to the camp. Which was about 30 min walk from my stand, I had arrived at the camp and walked up to the front door which was locked and I had to reach into my jacket pocket to get the ring of keys. Being sleepy from the walk back and damn near 7pm and I fumble with the keys and dropped them on the ground. As I bent over I heard a faint giggle and then whisper.....that sounded like "I see you" of course I spun around and scanned the woods but nothing. I turned around and picked the keys up and unlocking the door to the camp and shutting the doors and locking it tight.
I must of hit the sack around 10pm after having a couple of beers and dinner, But was woken up around 3:30am once again by a faint giggle or a chuckle maybe......and then a whisper "I see you" I reached for my  blackberry laying on the floor to double check the time, But I pressed the button and watched the battery drain in a second flat. I got out of the bed and tossed the phone on the bed and walked up to one of the camp windows rubbing my eyes. Looking out into the woods lightly covered in fog I could see something moving slowly in between the trees thinking it was a deer or maybe even a bear...but now this thing had a shape like a 7 foot man with long arms and legs I couldn't see it's face and it was  getting closer and closer. I backed away from the window not really understanding what I just seen I climbed back into my bed with the rifle close by, Next thing I seen was a figure peer into the camp window steering right at me.....funny thing is I didn't see his face, I mean it didn't have a face...I raised the rifle and pulled the trigger blasting out the camp window but the person or thing was gone.

I never sleep a wink after that as soon as the sun begin to raise I got my ass out of there. This was the first encounter of many with this person......or thing.

-Sleep never again

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