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Monday, December 13, 2010

Entry #8 - December 24, 2009

Slowly going crazy...I think........Ever since that day in the woods hunting things have not been the same...I've been haunted by visions of this tall man known as "Slender Man" I have not slept in about a month....Not to mention the unexplained things that have been happening in my home, Missing dog/Found hallowed out in my kids bed room and nodding off and waking up to 3:30am every night...that is if I slept, Wife left with the kids said I needed help! Said I'm not well!

(1 Hour Later)

The knocking begun on the windows again......he or that thing does that to drive me crazy it will move around my house all hours of the night just banging on windows and peering into them. It's funny Christmas is not suppose to be like this.......
I also have also begun to paint...or draw...whatever you want to call it...hours on end to keep myself awake..seems that when I fall asleep this is when things get worse and life and LA LA land blend together.

Scanned a picture I drawn.
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Not sure why I have drawn this kinda looks like myself but not

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Random Entry - NO DATE

Someone sent this to my EMAIL never provided a Name or Location...SUBJECT: SLENDER MAN

Monday, December 6, 2010

Transcript from 1993

The following is a transcription of a tape found after a deadly house fire in 1993.

(Start of Tape)
Sarah: Why are you making me do this? What have I ever done to you? Why can’t you just leave me alone?

Male voice: Please say your name into the microphone.

Sarah: S..Sarah West. He’s going to (Inaudible) you know!

Male Voice: Who’s going to come back?


Male Voice: Who’s going to come back, Sarah?

Sarah: That thing! God, haven’t you been listening to me! He’s going to come for me, and then (Inaudible.)

Male Voice: Please speak into the microphone.

Sarah: He’s going to come for me, and then he’s going to find you. You can’t stop it, you can never stop it. He finds you, and what he does to you is worse than death. Let me go, please? I promise I won’t tell.

(At 0:50 the tape interrupts and goes silent. Sound resumes at 2:03.)

Male Voice: Tell me what I want to know, and I will let you go.

Sarah: (Sobbing.)

Male Voice: What is he, Sarah?

Sarah: (Yelling) I DON’T KNOW! (Sobbing.) I..just don’t know. He looks like a man, but, he’s wrong, yha know? He’s too long. His face, it’s just like a piece of cloth with a human face formed out of it. But, y..you can see behind it slightly, like an old worn out handkerchief. He moves so fast, God, why does it move so fast?

Male Voice: And what does he do to you if he finds you?

Sarah: I saw what he did to them. He took them, and he held them up, and they started to shake, like they were having seizures. As soon as they went limp, he would pull off their arms and legs one at a time, like the petals of a flower. And then, (Unintelligible Sobbing.)

Male Voice: Then what would he do, Sarah?

(At 5:34, a boom is heard in the background.)

Sarah: He’s coming! Please don’t let me die! (Sobbing)

Male Voice: Don’t worry, he will never hurt you again. What would he do with them after he did that?

Sarah: He turned them into something else….Something wrong.
(At 5:38 a louder boom is heard. A scream and several gunshots are heard. The tape ends with a hollow distorted electrical noise at 6:01)

More older Reports on this being

Oct. 23, 2007:

Sender: Maj. Tomas C. Witmoore

To: Col. Steven Bitman

Sub: Ongoing S. Man Investigation.

Colonel, as per your request, I am updating you as to our last investigation into the case. Having received the report from the police, we sent out a team to the last known site that the Slender Man was seen. Timeline of investigation is as follows:

0200: Car with the husband and wife pulls into the parking lot of the police station. Approx. 5 minutes later, police notice the car idling in the parking lot, and go out to investigate. The two civilians are then helped out of the car after pressure bandages are applied to their wounds, and brought into the station.

0230: After half an hour, both subjects are calmed down to the point where they could speak. Police are informed of what they were doing in the area, and why they were at the station covered in, according to the report, was "Blood, bits of human tissue, and unidentifiable pieces of what appeared to be some sort of bone or rock."

0300: The police sent the report in to the FBI, while sending out several deputies to the area, to investigate.

0315: All communication with the deputies is lost. Subjects sent to the hospital.

0330: Report comes in that the husband and wife fled from the ambulance at a red light. Location of them is still, at this time, unknown.

0400: FBI teams arrive to the police station, where they set up a perimeter around the area that the subjects had said they were camping in.

0415: First FBI team is sent in to find police deputies.

0417: Agent finds what appears to be a "clear bag, full of human intestine."

0420: Agent finds several corpses, including the police deputies, hanging from the trees in a circular pattern. Corpses have been opened on the front, with the ribcage cut in two. Internal organs seem to be in some sort of clear bag, arranged in their proper place in the human anatomy, except for the intestines.

At this point Sir, we are contacted and asked to form a perimeter around the area. Fog continues to thicken. Nothing has been seen, as of yet, but I believe it is simply a matter of time. Requesting further instructions.

Tall Disfigured Man dating back to 1987

Police Have Few Leads in Missing Girl Case

By Will Higgins
Posted: June 15, 1987

Stirling City, CA -- A spokesman for the Stirling City Police Department admitted this week that there were no promising leads in the case of eight year old Katrina Elkins, who went missing from her home Thursday night.

"It's like she disappeared into thin air," said neighbor and family friend, Marybeth Carlisle.

Police were called to the residence at 6:30 AM on Friday morning by Katrina's father, David. He realized that Katrina was missing when he went into her bedroom to wake her for school and discovered that she was not in her bed.

The only possible witness was the victim's sister, ten year old Alice, with whom Katrina shares a bedroom. Alice has been unable to provide many details to investigators, however.

"It seems that [the girl] suffers from an overactive imagination," SCPD Sergeant William Hohne said, "she told us the last time she saw her sister, was through the window where she was 'hugging the tall man'."

According to witness statements, over the past several weeks a man had been coming to the girls' bedroom window at night, where he would tap on the glass, 'make faces', and watch the girls.

Police investigators initially dismissed the account as a dream, as the bedroom window is on the second story, with no support beneath it.

"[Alice] Elkins reported that, on the night of her sisters disappearance, they were again awakened by a tapping at the glass," Sergeant Hohne explained, "She heard her sister get out of bed, and have a short conversation. When she didn't hear her sister get back in bed after several minutes, she got up and went to the window, where she saw her sister in the side yard, 'hugging the tall man'. According to the witness, the man looked up at her, grinned, and indicated that she was to come down as well with a 'snaky arm'. It was at this point that Miss Elkins became extremely frightened, and returned to bed. The tapping continued for some minutes, but finally ceased."

Police scoured the Elkins' yard for clues, with no success.

When asked why Alice had not told her parents about the tall men before, she explained, "He scared me. He told us to not tell Mom and Dad, or we'd be in trouble. He told us that he was our friend, and that he would give us anything we wanted, but we had to keep his secret. His smile was scary... and his voice. He said nice things but he sounded mean."

Police believe that there is no link between the disappearance, and the vicious killing of the Elkin's cat by disemboweling in April.

Entry #7 - December 17th 2009

I'm really not going crazy, I have found many stories of this slender man that haunts a lot of people....
Life as I know it has changed. I can't even tell you how many nights I have not slept.....I'm afraid to leave my house to even go near the windows...I see him lurking outside knocking on the windows and ringing door bells. Some times I think he is fucking with me, When I do fall asleep I have nightmares of him......I can't see his face but he is tall and in a black suit with a tie and his arms stretched out trying to grab me.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Entry #6 - December 15th 2009

Need sleep.

Found this on a local news paper website. Can you see the bastard!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Entry #5 - December 11th, 2009

Day and night have become one........since the last visit from the police I have stayed awake with energy drinks...sad to say the Wife and kids left to stay at her mothers house for a few days even the dog has left been gone since that night the police showed up, The Wife Seems to think I'm losing my mind and it's not health for the kids to be around but I know what I saw and what I hear! I'm not crazy, I had to call the police in last night due to the fact of a broken window at my home well I was out....(Ever since this started I have not moved out of the house only on rare times) This time I was heading to the local store to pick up some shitty energy drink to keep me awake at night, Don't like to sleep much only brings bad nightmares. Anyway so I was gone about 20mins and returned home sat down at the front table and picked up the news paper and read the front headline (10 Year old missing boy found murder in woods) as I read on I felt this cold breeze on my neck...... put down the paper and walked into the hall and seen the kids bedroom door shut. Thinking I just seeing thing LACK of sleep maybe? screw it I walked down and opened the door seen the window broken in the kids room and there beds flipped over and the covers off. Most shocking thing was to find out family dog laying dead in the middle of the floor gutted, On the walls in blood it said "I see you" I turned around and slammed the door shut. Called the police.

You can see the police tape in front of my truck and the broken window

Entry #4 December 8th, 2009

Last night I got about an hour worth of sleep, I passed out on the living room chair to the sounds of the local news report on the increase of missing kids in our area in the last month and half and the sound of my dog barking and barking over and over again this was around 2:30am.
I was then waken by the pounding on the front door at 3:30am, I got out of the chair and grabbed my hunting rifle that was sitting next to the chair (I keep this with me at all times since this stuff started happening to me) I peeked into the front hall at the door and then up to the door and looked out the window. It was the local police I set down the rifle around the corner and opened the door, The Policeman told me he was sorry for having to come and visit so late but they got a report that there was a tall man in a suit lurking around the house for a few hours now peering into the windows. The policeman said that it was a neighbour from across the street that had seen the man and made a call to the police. I told the policeman that everything seem to be fine and I had not seen anybody or heard from anybody and my family had been sleeping for hours and that was it police did a scan of the place and took off.
I was up early and decided to venture outside, We had a light dusting of snow the night before and I took my cam out with me to see if I could see anything......I snapped some funny pictures of the outside and around my house, These footprints are all around my house mostly around the windows.

Someone outside of my house @ 3am barefoot in -15 weather?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Random Entry - NO DATE

Random image found on my laptop.

Entry #3 - December 5th, 2009

I've been up all night looking at websites and trying to find out information on what I have been seeing, Since I don't sleep that much this comes easy now and my wife is not willing to sit down and talk with me about what is happening she tells me to go see a doctor and I'm considering this. I did stumble apon a creepy photo that I have trouble even looking at....Seems I'm not the only one that has seen this strange man and is haunted by him.
Not sure when this was taken.
Seems to always be around kids.....which makes no sense, I have been checking on my kids every few hours well they sleep since these strange things have been happening to me. Since I don't sleep much any more I've been getting over tried and noting off during dinner (When I feel like eating) and other actives, Periods of the day I don't remember (Black outs). I don't watch the TV seems we are having trouble with the cable always seems to be on the fritz.

I need sleep.

-Sleep Never Again