Thursday, December 2, 2010

Entry #5 - December 11th, 2009

Day and night have become one........since the last visit from the police I have stayed awake with energy drinks...sad to say the Wife and kids left to stay at her mothers house for a few days even the dog has left been gone since that night the police showed up, The Wife Seems to think I'm losing my mind and it's not health for the kids to be around but I know what I saw and what I hear! I'm not crazy, I had to call the police in last night due to the fact of a broken window at my home well I was out....(Ever since this started I have not moved out of the house only on rare times) This time I was heading to the local store to pick up some shitty energy drink to keep me awake at night, Don't like to sleep much only brings bad nightmares. Anyway so I was gone about 20mins and returned home sat down at the front table and picked up the news paper and read the front headline (10 Year old missing boy found murder in woods) as I read on I felt this cold breeze on my neck...... put down the paper and walked into the hall and seen the kids bedroom door shut. Thinking I just seeing thing LACK of sleep maybe? screw it I walked down and opened the door seen the window broken in the kids room and there beds flipped over and the covers off. Most shocking thing was to find out family dog laying dead in the middle of the floor gutted, On the walls in blood it said "I see you" I turned around and slammed the door shut. Called the police.

You can see the police tape in front of my truck and the broken window

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