Monday, December 13, 2010

Entry #8 - December 24, 2009

Slowly going crazy...I think........Ever since that day in the woods hunting things have not been the same...I've been haunted by visions of this tall man known as "Slender Man" I have not slept in about a month....Not to mention the unexplained things that have been happening in my home, Missing dog/Found hallowed out in my kids bed room and nodding off and waking up to 3:30am every night...that is if I slept, Wife left with the kids said I needed help! Said I'm not well!

(1 Hour Later)

The knocking begun on the windows again......he or that thing does that to drive me crazy it will move around my house all hours of the night just banging on windows and peering into them. It's funny Christmas is not suppose to be like this.......
I also have also begun to paint...or draw...whatever you want to call it...hours on end to keep myself awake..seems that when I fall asleep this is when things get worse and life and LA LA land blend together.

Scanned a picture I drawn.
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Not sure why I have drawn this kinda looks like myself but not

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