Thursday, December 2, 2010

Entry #4 December 8th, 2009

Last night I got about an hour worth of sleep, I passed out on the living room chair to the sounds of the local news report on the increase of missing kids in our area in the last month and half and the sound of my dog barking and barking over and over again this was around 2:30am.
I was then waken by the pounding on the front door at 3:30am, I got out of the chair and grabbed my hunting rifle that was sitting next to the chair (I keep this with me at all times since this stuff started happening to me) I peeked into the front hall at the door and then up to the door and looked out the window. It was the local police I set down the rifle around the corner and opened the door, The Policeman told me he was sorry for having to come and visit so late but they got a report that there was a tall man in a suit lurking around the house for a few hours now peering into the windows. The policeman said that it was a neighbour from across the street that had seen the man and made a call to the police. I told the policeman that everything seem to be fine and I had not seen anybody or heard from anybody and my family had been sleeping for hours and that was it police did a scan of the place and took off.
I was up early and decided to venture outside, We had a light dusting of snow the night before and I took my cam out with me to see if I could see anything......I snapped some funny pictures of the outside and around my house, These footprints are all around my house mostly around the windows.

Someone outside of my house @ 3am barefoot in -15 weather?

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